Dr. Coupet's Testimonial on Healthcare

Patient Testimonials

  • Steven Allen

    "I tell all my friends and family members about Dr. Coupet, that he is very warming and will make you feel very comfortable when you tell him about your sickness, your happiness, the whole nine yards. He is a real doctor."

  • Desire Miller

    Dr. Coupet brought the "B"back to bedside manner. I am comfortable talking to him. Dr. Coupet does not just hear you: he listens. I am forever grateful to Dr Coupet for his work ethics, professionalism and how I am treated as a patient.

  • Andrea Recine

    When my wife got severely ill and hospitalized, despite the number of patients Dr. Coupet had, he treated my wife as a person and not a number, and that is something you don't find every day with a physician. I can honestly say that he saved her life. I don't think she would be here if it was not for him.