Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve the healthcare experience of people living in our community by increasing their access to primary care services.

We practice medicine in a way that highlights our commitment to humanity. Because our team respect and have compassion for everyone we serve.  

This is a priority for every patient we serve while improving and maintaining their health and wellbeing. 

Experience your Full Health Potential

All of our patients experience healthcare in an inspiring way. We provide patients with simple solutions for accessing essential healthcare services. By meeting our patients where they are allows us to attain optimal health outcomes for them and their families.

You no longer have to navigate this complex healthcare system alone. Join us! Allow us to walk with you in your journey so you can obtain optimal health. We advocate for you so you can get the quality healthcare services that you deserve. 

My drive was defined after I lost my mother to endometrial cancer. As a result, I have dedicated my life to improving the healthcare outcomes and experiences of people living in my community.

 My commitment is to bring real solutions to my patients. I support them in identifying and accessing the highest quality of healthcare services while keeping their cost burden down.

 I believe in order to avoid other children from experiencing the loss of a parent too soon, my mission is to continue to serve which will ultimately Bring Humanity back into Healthcare!

Sidney Coupet, DO, MPH, MSc.