Dr. Sidney Coupet

We are creating equity in healthcare so that our community and communities worldwide can flourish and achieve their full economic potential.

We believe the only way to do so is to bring humanity into the healthcare experiences of the people we serve.


List of Services

Primary & Preventative Healthcare Services

Our Internal Medicine physicians provide patients with the insight they need to treat and manage their chronic illness.

Chronic Disease Management

We work collaboratively with patients to develop customized Chronic Disease Management plans, tailored to their specific needs and goals for better health.

Behavioral Health Services

We Integrate Mental Health Services in Primary Care


We offer our members the option to reach us remotely through our telehealth and telemedicine service. 

Medical Marijuana Certification

We provide patients with evidence based solutions and remedies for their chronic conditions and chronic pain by instituting our Evidence Based Medical Marijuana Certification Program.

Immigration Medical Services

At CQC our physicians serve as Civil Surgeons that provide the highest quality immigration physical examinations to assure the completion of your paperwork for permanent residency and or other types of visas.

Home Visits

If you can not come to us, we will come to you. We offer home visits for our Direct Primary Care members that is tailored to elderly patients who are unable to get to the office. 

IV Hydration Therapy

We offer our members the most efficient way of delivering the healthy fluids that their body needs to maintain its peak performance.

Have Insurance?

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Direct Primary Care

What is it?

The DPC Model
The Direct Primary Care model allows patients to develop meaningful connection with their physician. Patients pay a monthly fee to gain access to primary healthcare needs.

24/7 Access To Your Doctor
DPC gives you direct access to your physician, where you will be able to text or call whenever you have questions or concerns about your health.

Unlimited Office Visits with No Co-Pays
With the DPC membership, you are entitled to unlimited hassle-free visits to the office all days of the week.

More Affordable

Meet Health Goals
Stay healthier, spend less on medication and experience less visits to urgent care with better coordination of healthcare services.

Affordable Medications
DPC will help you save hundreds from your prescription medication cost with no hidden charges/fees.

Discounted Labs & Radiology
The DPC model has you covered for low-cost blood testing and radiology testing without any hidden fees/charges,

Bringing Humanity Back into Healthcare


If you have NO healthcare insurance. Or simply
just don't want to use it, sign up for DPC!

Medicare Advantage Programs

Medicare Advantage Plans offer a wealth of advantages, such as enhanced healthcare services, prescription drug coverage, and potential cost savings. With our help, you can explore the flexibility and tailored options these programs provide.


Truly cares

My husband and I first met Dr Coupet last year all I could say is that he’s GOD sent. Dr Coupet is more than just a medical professional, he truly cares about his patients health. He’s so passionate about helping you to get better and healthier he makes you feel right at home as if you’re one of his family members. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a great medical provider Dr Coupet is the best!!




Warm & caring

Based on my overall experience, I would most definitely recommend Coupet Quality Clinic to any patient who is looking for a great Doctor who is attentive, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Coupet not only meets all of the above requirements, but he also takes time to listen to his patients’ concerns and addresses them appropriately with the utmost care. He is warm, caring and simply the best. So are his medical staff! Look no further! Reach out today and thank yourself later for it!





Friendly, current, attended to, and timely is my experience of Dr C’s office. It been awhile since I feel this way about visiting the doctor. They are never on time and I often feel rushed. Dr C, spends time with me… like really. He is there, not as a checklist, but like it’s my time, that was made for me. He also uses technology to enhance my experience, and it feels like an additional to make the process seamless, not distant himself from me. I am proud of his office, staff and very delighted and proud to call him my doctor.





Coupet Quality Clinic has 2 locations in Southern Florida.

Pompano Beach, Florida

100 East Sample Road Suite 300, Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Hollywood, Florida

 3816 Hollywood Blvd Suite 205, Hollywood FL 33021