INFUSIV - IV Hydration Therapy


InfusIV Hydration will get you to your peak performance so you can live out all your possibilities in life! This hydration therapy is a complete product that contains healthy fluids to give your body and mind the boost that it needs. As an affiliate of InfusIV Hydraton we offer our members the most efficient way of delivering the healthy fluids that their body needs to maintain its peak performance.

Our Formulas

InfusIV Hydration is the highest quality hydration therapy that exist. As a result, it makes you feel more like yourself to take on your day to day activities. This is why we focus on hydration that compensates for your daily water intake and more. 


Experience all the benefits of pure IV hydration that has an added boost of electrolytes and vitamin B complex in a full liter of fluids. Because of this, it leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. Therefore it is perfect for those looking to rehydrate frequently.


This is the “easy button” that allows you to recover quickly from a night or weekend out. It is packed with vitamin B complex, vitamin C, anti-nausea medication (Zofran) as well as an anti-inflammatory (Toradol). Because of this, it will hydrate you, replenish your electrolytes and cure your hangover aches and pains.


Packed with B complex vitamins, antioxidants (Glutathione), and amino acids that help you focus and avoid fatigue. This is why the IV League is a favorite of college students and busy professionals. If you’re looking for an edge around exam time or have a deadline to meet, this drip will recharge and sharpen your mind.


If you are feeling under-the-weather or fighting a cold then this drip is for you. The immunity is packed with vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, vitamin C, magnesium and powerful antioxidants (Glutathione). Because of this, it will boost your immune system and fortify your body’s defenses.


Provides high-performing athletes with the fuel required to repeatedly compete, day in and day out. This drip is formulated with B-complex vitamins, B12, magnesium, amino acids, antioxidants, and an anti inflammatory (Toradol). This is why it hydrates your body and promote quick recovery.


This is our ultimate glow up and energizer. The Revive is infused with vitamin B complex, B12, vitamin C, powerful antioxidants (Glutathione), and an anti-inflammatory (Toradol) to reinvigorate and restore. It provides a boost of energy and help decrease inflammation in your body. The Revive is known to promote healthy skin to give you that perfect glow. 


This is the ultra-premium drip, originally designed for the busy executive. The Executive has the powerful Myer’s cocktail, with the addition of B12, antioxidants (Glutathione), and an anti-inflammatory (Toradol). If you’re always on the go and tend to just push through symptoms of dehydration, fatigue and exhaustion from your busy life, then this drip is perfect for you.

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INFUSIV - IV Hydration Therapy


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