Health Insurance and Healthcare is not the Same!

Health Insurance and Healthcare is not the Same!

We need to stop pretending that health insurance is synonymous with health care. They are two separate things! Health insurance has become an unrealistic phenomenon for most people living in America. It provides a false sense of self-assurance that everything is going to be ok once you have it.  This is not the case!

 What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance provides “coverage” for when we need to use medical services of any type (hospitalization, doctors visit, test, imaging, procedures, and surgeries, etc.). We pay monthly premium to get this privilege. But is it really? People are still paying out of pocket when they go and see their doctors despite having insurance. They even pay more when they go and get lab test, surgeries and when they are purchasing medications. The reality is that having health insurance is expensive. In addition to premiums, deductibles can range from anywhere from $800 to as much as $6,000 a year. Until you pay down and meet your deductible, your insurance will not kick in to cover your medical expenses. Not to mention your deductible resets every year. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the reality of having health insurance. Obviously not everyone can afford it. Yet, in the US we are taught to think this is the only way to gain access to healthcare services. I have good news for you, it is not the only way!

What is Health care and Healthcare Services?

Health care and healthcare services are usually provided in hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care facilities or in a doctor’s office. These entities use laboratories, radiology, medical equipment, and medications to assist them in providing quality healthcare services. Among these many healthcare entities, your primary care doctor and their providers are the ones that can prevent these medical disasters. By the time you reach a hospital, urgent care or emergency room it is already too late. Your health has already been compromised. If you find yourself using emergency rooms and urgent care facilities often, then you do not have quality healthcare services. This is the case whether you have insurance or not. Having a primary care doctor who helps treat and coordinate your care will provide you with the freedom to live a healthy and quality life

No Insurance, No Problem!

If you cannot afford health insurance, it is not an excuse to live with poor health. A membership in a Direct Primary Care (DPC) program will give you basic access to healthcare. DPC can potentially save you a lot of money on your healthcare expenses. You would not have any co-pays at your doctors office, and your lab and radiology tests are at the lowest cost possible. Even the medications that you will need are sold at a wholesale value at the doctor’s office.  So when you choose DPC, it will save you money, time and your health. Don’t hesitate, if you have no insurance or if you have a high deductible health insurance plan, choose Coupet Quality Clinic (CQC) Direct Primary Care program. This is the only way to get the freedom you have been looking for in your health and wellbeing.

Sidney Coupet, DO, MPH, MSc.
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